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A Comprehensive Guide to iPhone Water Damage Repair - Xpress Repair

Updated: Jan 20

iPhone water damaged repair in Singapore

iphone water damaged repair
iPhone Water Damaged Repair

While it may have survived a year of ups and downs, one thing it probably wasn't prepared for was an unexpected plunge into water. Accidents happen, and when they do, it's crucial to act swiftly to minimize potential damage. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the steps you can take to repair your water-damaged iPhone and breathe new life into your trusty companion.

Understanding Water Damage

Before diving into the repair process, it's essential to understand how water can affect your iPhone. iPhones are not water-resistant by default, although newer models are more resilient than their predecessors. Water can seep into various components, causing corrosion, short circuits, and malfunctions. The severity of the damage depends on factors such as the type of liquid, the duration of exposure, and the specific iPhone model.

Immediate Actions

The first few moments after your iPhone takes an unexpected swim are crucial. Acting promptly can significantly increase the chances of a successful repair. Here's what you should do:

  1. Power Off Immediately: If your iPhone is still on, turn it off immediately. Water and electricity are a dangerous combination, and leaving the device powered on can lead to further damage.

  2. Remove from Water: Take your iPhone out of the water as quickly as possible. The longer it stays submerged, the higher the likelihood of irreparable damage.

  3. Dry the Exterior: Gently pat your iPhone dry with a clean, lint-free cloth. Be cautious not to press too hard or use any heat sources like a hairdryer, as excessive heat can cause more harm.

Disassembly and Component Removal

To properly assess and address water damage, it's often necessary to disassemble your iPhone. However, keep in mind that doing this yourself may void your warranty, so proceed with caution. If you're uncomfortable with disassembly, it's advisable to seek professional help.

  1. Remove SIM Card: Eject the SIM card tray and remove the SIM card. This step helps to prevent potential damage to the card and ensures that no moisture is trapped in the SIM card slot.

  2. Open Device: Depending on your iPhone model, use the appropriate tools to open the device carefully. Refer to online tutorials or guides for your specific model to avoid causing additional damage.

  3. Disconnect Battery: If possible, disconnect the battery to prevent any short circuits during the cleaning process.

Cleaning and Drying

Cleaning and drying are crucial steps in the iPhone water damage repair process. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Isopropyl Alcohol Bath: Submerge the disassembled iPhone components in a bath of high-percentage isopropyl alcohol. This helps to displace any remaining water and accelerates the drying process.

  2. Air Drying: After the alcohol bath, allow the components to air dry thoroughly. This may take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days. Placing the components in a bowl of uncooked rice or using silica gel packets can expedite the drying process.

  3. Inspect for Residue: Once dry, inspect the components for any residue or corrosion. Clean any visible residue with a soft brush or cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol.

Reassembly and Testing

After thorough cleaning and drying, it's time to reassemble your iPhone and assess its functionality:

  1. Reassemble Components: Carefully reassemble your iPhone, ensuring that all connections are secure. Follow the disassembly guide in reverse order.

  2. Power On: Power on your iPhone and check for any signs of life. Pay attention to the display, buttons, and camera functionality.

  3. Test All Features: Test all features, including the touchscreen, speakers, microphone, and cameras. Check for any unusual behavior or malfunctions.

Seeking Professional Help

If, after following these steps, your iPhone still exhibits issues or fails to function correctly, it's advisable to seek professional help. Apple Authorized Service Providers or third-party repair services like us have the expertise and tools necessary to diagnose and repair more severe water damage.


While water damage can be a stressful experience, taking immediate action and following these steps can increase the likelihood of successfully repairing your iPhone. Remember, prevention is the best cure, so consider investing in a water-resistant case or a waterproof pouch for your iPhone to avoid future mishaps.

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