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iPhone Repair in Singapore

iPhone battery repair in Singapore.jpg

Select iPhone Issue

iPhone screen cracked repair.jpg

Cracked Screen/ LCD Damaged

iPhone Battery Replacement.jpg

iPhone Battery Replacement

iphone motherboard repair .jpg

iPhone Motherboard Repair

iphone water damaged .jpg

iPhone Water Damaged

iphone front Camera.jpg

Front Camera or Mic Issue

iphone rear camera.jpg

Rear Camera Replacement

iPhone speaker.jpg

Charging Port or Loud Speaker 

iphone camera Len .jpg

Camera Lens Cracked

iPhone repair services at Xpress Repair
  1. Screen Replacement:

    • Repair or replace cracked or shattered iPhone screens.

  2. Battery Replacement:

    • Replace worn-out or faulty iPhone batteries to restore optimal battery life.

  3. Water Damage Repair:

    • Diagnose and repair iPhones affected by water or liquid damage.

  4. Charging Port Repair:

    • Fix issues related to charging ports, such as connectivity problems or failure to charge.

  5. Camera Repair:

    • Address problems with front or rear cameras, including focus issues or camera app malfunctions.

  6. Home Button Repair:

    • Resolve issues with the home button, including unresponsiveness or physical damage.

  7. Power Button Repair:

    • Fix issues related to the power button, such as difficulty turning the iPhone on or off.

  8. Volume Button Repair:

    • Repair volume buttons that are not functioning correctly.

  9. Speaker and Microphone Repair:

    • Address problems with the iPhone's speakers or microphone, including issues with call audio.

  10. Headphone Jack Repair:

    • Fix issues with the headphone jack, such as no audio output or connectivity problems.

  11. Software Troubleshooting:

    • Diagnose and resolve software-related issues, including crashes, freezes, or unresponsiveness.

  12. Data Recovery:

    • Retrieve data from iPhones that have experienced data loss due to accidental deletion or other issues.

  13. Touchscreen Repair:

    • Address problems with the iPhone's touchscreen, such as unresponsiveness or calibration issues.

  14. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Repair:

    • Fix connectivity issues related to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth functionality on the iPhone.

  15. Diagnostic Services:

    • Conduct thorough diagnostics to identify and address various hardware or software issues.

  16. Back Cover Replacement:

    • Replace the back cover of the iPhone if it is damaged or scratched.

  17. SIM Card Tray Replacement:

    • Replace the SIM card tray if it is damaged or not functioning correctly.

  18. Face ID or Touch ID Repair:

    • Address issues with facial recognition (Face ID) or fingerprint recognition (Touch ID).

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