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Xpress Repair is now an independent repair service provider program. Our team maintains an extraordinary repair success rate and upholds the highest level of professionalism with the right tool and software to ensure higher repair succeful rate for your device.


Xpress Repair offers genuine repair parts that are manufactured and purchased directly. Here are just some of the genuine parts that our team offer:

  • Display Assemblies

  • Batteries

  • Cameras

  • Speakers

  • Face ID Modules

  • Rear Housings

Apple repair Singapore

All iPhone models released after 2018, iPhone Xr, Xs, Xs Max and newer, require serialization to complete the repair. Using non-genuine parts will cause the iPhone to display an annoying message informing the user that the part installed was not genuine. Fortunately, Xpress Repair offers genuine Apple parts and has access to Apple’s serialization tool to recalibrate the part which prevents this message from populating.

“Basically, if you choose Xpress Repair and select a genuine part for your repair, your Apple device won’t have the message pop up.”

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