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About us!

Our mission is to provide trustworthy services to all customers at an acceptable cost. 

What we offer!

Here at Xpress Repair, we offer repair services for phones and laptop of any kind!


Technicians here have depth knowledge in the cell phone repair field, and we provide same day services!

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Xpress Repair is your one stop repair shop.The goal of Xpress Repair is to offer reliable and trustworthy services to every client at a fair price. The technicians are all trained and very knowledgeable in the field of cell phone repair. Most issues are resolved by our team on the same day while you wait. All of our services are provided at reasonable and affordable prices. We also offer laptop repair services for all different sorts.

About us
Why us


Technicians here are all certified and gone through training and have ample knowledge and experiences in phone repairing so that we can provide a smooth, fast, and pleasant repair experience with us.

Our products are all of high quality from charging cables, adapters and devices. You can rest assured that any product you purchase from us or had it replaced with us are all of good quality and at a affordable price.

We always strive to satisfy our customers, our customers are of the upmost importance. We aim to provide the best to our customers in our products and any service and interaction with us.

We specialise in mobile device such as iPhones, Apple Watch and MacBooks. We offer IRP (Independence Repair Provider) where all the parts we use in repairing devices are all Genuine or OEM Parts.

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